Fun, Online Puzzles
Selected fun, interactive puzzles for you to solve online on your PC


Flash Puzzles
A collection of 24 challenging Flash Puzzles at Cool Quiz!. Click the "Next Puzzle" button to go to the next puzzle.

Brainwave Puzzle
Click to play 10 randomly selected Brainwave Classic puzzles by André Wogum.

Missing Picture
A series of six interactive puzzles where a 3x3 grid displays 8 pictures and the objective of the game is to find one missing picture that fits a vacant cell.


Odd One Out
Identify the figure that does not belong to the group. A logical thinking test powered by Syvum.

Rainbow Fish slider
Treasures@Sea offers this classic slider puzzle. Rainbow fish´s only problem is he gave away so many scales that he needs to be put back together! See if you can work the puzzle to put Rainbow Fish back together again.

Odd-one-out puzzles
This is a Clickmazes page with 7 little brain-teasers to get you thinking. In each puzzle you have to work out which image or word is the odd one out.

Magic Square
Complete this square with integers from 1 to 9. Each horizontal, vertical and diagonal must add up to 15. A Mind Stretcher at

Symbol Grid Puzzle
A 4x4 grid displays 16 symbols and their total values alongside most of the columns and rows. The objective of the game is to find one missing total.

Word Search
Have fun with the Sea Animals online word search sponsored by Treasures@Sea.

The IQ Test
With this test you are about to learn the type of questions that you can expect from an IQ Test.

Number Sequences
Determine the next number in the series and select the correct answer by clicking on the corresponding button. Streeeetch that mind!

Math-a-Logic Teaser
Test your puzzle-solving ability on these 10 Mind Toys devised by

Crack an Alphametic Online!
Choose an alphametic according to the difficulty options. Then click it to run Crack a Puzzle Online solver. Enjoy!

Mensa Workout
An excellent 30-questions quiz provided by Mensa International for entertainment purposes.

Pyramid pattern
Fun with numbers at Ed´s puzzle page! The numbers in the triangle make a pattern. Try to work it out and enter the missing values.

BBC Maths Quiz
Join in with the BBC Look Around You fun and educational maths quiz. There are 9.2 problems for you to solve. After you have completed the quiz, you may check your answers and see how well you did.

15 Puzzle
A challenging remake of 15 Puzzle designed to test your skill and intelligence. You must move the tiles strategically in order to beat or even draw with the computer!

Grid Game for Kids
Learn about grids and coordinates with this interactive grid game for kids. Your goal is to pass your driving test by moving the car with the red compass arrows. Move north, south, east and west, finish by parking the car and try not to bump into anything.

Array Arrangement
This problem had been studied by Euler. Rearrange the colored letters so that each row or column will have four distinct letters having four different colors.

ButlerWebs' Brain Teasers
A delightful collection of brainteasers and riddles with answers in drop down boxes for your enjoyment.