Fun, Online Games
Selected all-time fun, easy games for you to play online on your PC

PacPac is famished and must eat all the pills it finds while avoiding the phantoms.


Solitaire Mahjongg, also called Taipei or Shanghai, is the web adaptation of an ancient Chinese board game. The objective is to remove all 144 tiles from the board; for each pair of tiles removed you will get two points.


Sudoku by Thomas Weibel generates every puzzle on the spot and you have four difficulty levels as well as different entry colors for better overview. The puzzles can be printed or solved and verified online.


Ping-Pong 3D
Ping-Pong 3D by Ben Swieskowski at is a Flash variant of the Pong favorite, and it's very fun to play.


Classic BreakOut
Try and keep the ball bouncing by using the paddle until all the bricks are cleared. This great Breakout flash version created by Stef Passigatti can keep you amused for hours!

Brilliant Flash game with the look and feel of a real pinball game. Launch the ball with the space bar. Control the flippers with the left and right arrow keys. To tilt the machine, press the down arrow key. "P" will pause your game and "Q" will exit your current game.

Super Bowling
Super Bowling by Emily Hutchinson. Play on your own or with up to 4 mates ... 10-pin crunching action all the way! Using real-time physics, you can't get a more faithful sim!

Play Carpet 3D mini golf courses as practice or tournament.

Hoops Basketball
Get 21 baskets before your time runs out. Click on the ball to shoot at the net. When the meter turns green, it means your shot will be straight.


UFO Attack
It's raining UFOs! You are under attack! Use your mouse to carefully aim your missiles at flying saucers. These UFOs are relentless! Try to get as many as possible before they overwhelm you.


Lunar Lander
Test your skill at landing a small lunar lander. Make sure to land softly! After successfully landing on the moon, try landing on Earth and Jupiter. The increased gravity of these planets make landing the lunar much more tricky!

Would you be a good pilot? This is the village shoot'em up. A lot of enemy, challenging levels. Take your plane and go !

You are a bombarder pilot. But, your plane has been touched and you go down to crash. The only chance you have is to destroy all the building and land without your motor. Good luck cap'tain !

Quick thinking and reflexes are what it takes to stay alive in the simple but fun game. Eat nine numbers in a row to advance to the next level!

Cribbage is one of the earliest and most enduring of the classic card games, a game where experience counts for a great deal - though luck, of course, has a large part.


Torpedo Alley

The object of Torpedo Alley is simply to target and destroy the enemy ships. But be careful not to hit the hospital ships!

Play chess against a computer on the web using Java TkChess interface.


Are you up to a game of Checkers? Play Thinks Java Checkers against the computer. Select your skill level, then drag-and-drop the black pieces to move them.

Motif Backgammon is a Java applet that plays the game of backgammon. The object of the game is for a player to move all of his checkers into his own home board and then bear them off. Rules of the game are available.


Tetrix by Zoosoft/ is a rich version of tetris with quite different controls.

Missile Command
Protect your cities from the attack of the enemy missiles. At the beginning of the play, you have 5 cities. The game is over when the last city explodes. By Arcade Village.

Battleships by Primary Games. Your mission is to destroy the enemy fleet! Play against the computer and try to sink all of its battleships before it sinks all of yours. The first player to sink all of the opponent's ships wins.

Video Poker
RobPlanet Video Poker by Rob Eisler is a JavaScript version of draw poker. The object is to get the best possible combination so that you get the highest score possible.

The goal of FreeCell solitaire is to place all the cards in each suit in stacks of ascending order. In FreeCell, the location of all the cards in the deck are known at the start of a game. This makes victory depend more on strategy than on luck.

Mine Sweeper
A Java version of the classic Windows game - find the mines and don't blow up!


This Java Blackjack game is provided at The House of Cards courtesy of Ravi Damarla. It is one of the web's best implementations of Blackjack. Enjoy!

15 Puzzle
A challenging remake of 15 Puzzle designed to test your skill and intelligence. You must move the tiles strategically in order to beat or even draw with the computer!