Fun, Online Games
Selected all-time fun, easy games for you to play online on your PC

Help Pacman gobble up all the pellets & chow down on fruit while avoiding ghosts in this 1980 game from Namco.


Solitaire Mahjongg, also called Taipei or Shanghai, is the web adaptation of an ancient Chinese board game. The objective is to remove all 144 tiles from the board; for each pair of tiles removed you will get two points.


Sudoku by Thomas Weibel generates every puzzle on the spot and you have four difficulty levels as well as different entry colors for better overview. The puzzles can be printed or solved and verified online.


Table Tennis Championship
Play ping pong against the computer! There are several levels to beat, each one harder than the one before. It's up to you to get through the levels and beat the computer!.


A classic Atari game. The object of the game is to destroy as many asteroids as possible and keep your ship in space as long as possible. Use your keyboard controls to maneuver your ship through space and shoot photon torpedoes at the asteroids.


Classic BreakOut
Try and keep the ball bouncing by using the paddle until all the bricks are cleared. This great Breakout flash version can keep you amused for hours!

Brilliant Flash game with the look and feel of a real pinball game. Launch the ball with the space bar. Control the flippers with the left and right arrow keys. To tilt the machine, press the down arrow key. "P" will pause your game and "Q" will exit your current game.

Super Bowling
Super Bowling You want to improve your bowling skills, and to do so, there is only one way: to train! You will try to score lots of points in every turn of the game, by throwing your ball in the right direction. Try to make strikes or spares to score more points. Your score depends on how many pins you will hit every time.

Balloons and Arrows
Your mission in this sweet game is to destroy all blue balloons by shooting them in 15 levels. To clear a level, destroy the target number of balloons while being as accurate as possible (you have limited arrows). Be careful, if you hit a red balloon you will lose an arrow. Furthermore, if you hit yellow balloon you will get an extra arrrow and green balloon will give your arrows extra speed. Also kill all the ghosts.

Mini Golf
Place the ball on the starting location and determine how hard you want to hit the ball. Hit the ball in the hole in the least number of strokes. The one with the lowest score wins.

Hoops Basketball
Get 21 baskets before your time runs out. Click on the ball to shoot at the net. When the meter turns green, it means your shot will be straight.


UFO Attack
Spon City is under attack by extra-terrestrial ufo's. Protect the city by shooting down their flying crafts! Be careful not hitting your own airplanes! Use the left and right arrow keys to move the antiaircraft gun. Press the spacebar to fire.


Hot Shots
Make at least ten baskets before time runs out. Any baskets over ten each level earns you extra points.


Lunar Lander
Test your skill at landing a small lunar lander. Make sure to land softly! Lunar Lander gameplay consists of landing on horizontal surfaces on the surface of the moon. These surfaces are marked from 1X to 5X. The higher the number, the harder is to make a safe landing, but the higher the score if you succeed.

Battle of Midway Islands
A great game in which you find yourself behind the wheel of an aircraft in the airspace. You urgently need to be taken for the management of their aircraft, as against you will be performing a huge number of enemy aircraft. Control via the keyboard.

Bomber War Plane
Your plane is adapted not only to conduct air combat, but also for the destruction of submarines, which were on board an ample supply of torpedoes. Off on another job. during which you have to fight against the enemy aircraft, which will cover the submarine. They then are your main purpose.

Help the little worm to find its home lighting up the mushrooms on its path! You must stretch the worm to its full length to take it out of its hole. The puzzles will get harder as you advance, can you complete all of them? Use your mouse to drag the worm to the hole

Master Cribbage
Cribbage, or crib, is a card game traditionally for two players, but commonly played with three, four or more, that involves playing and grouping cards in combinations which gain points. This game is for a single person versus "Jake", your computer opponent.

U Boat
In this U-Boat game you are a German commander of a U-Boat lurking in the North Atlantic trying to torpedo Allied navy ships.

This compelling flash version of chess features an intuitive interface and competitive AI.


The Traditional Checkers Game. Try to win against the computer on this Checkers Board Game. Use your Mouse to move your piece.

247 Backgammon offers the best backgammon game online. Play with an artificially intelligent opponent or play with a friend with Pass & Play! 247 Backgammon has games in five difficulites, ranging from easy to expert! You'll be sure to find a difficulty you feel comfortable playing, whether you are a beginner or seasoned backgammon player.


It's the classic block-building fun that everyone grew up with in faceted gem stone colors and style. Twist and turn and land your pieces to create and clear solid rowsóbonus for clearing multiple at once. Just don't let the stack reach the top of the screen! The longer you last, the faster the game gets.

Missile Command
A classic Atari game. The object of the game is to defend your cities and missile bases. The enemy fires interplanetary balistic missiles and cruise missiles, both of which are aimed to destroy your cities and missile bases.

Battleships by Primary Games. Your mission is to destroy the enemy fleet! Play against the computer and try to sink all of its battleships before it sinks all of yours. The first player to sink all of the opponent's ships wins.

Video Poker
RobPlanet Video Poker by Rob Eisler is a JavaScript version of draw poker. The object is to get the best possible combination so that you get the highest score possible.

Freecell Solitaire
To play this solitaire game, place all the cards into the upper slots according to suit from ace to king, like in klondike solitaire. Use the free cells in the upper left corner to store cards you cannot use at that time. Form stacks within the freecell solitaire game by alternating color in a descending order. Move all the cards into the foundations to win freecell solitaire!

The objective in Minesweeper is to find and mark all the mines hidden under the grey squares, in the shortest time possible. This is done by clicking on the squares to open them. It is guaranteed that the first square you open won't contain a mine, so you can start by clicking any square. Often you'll hit on an empty square on the first try and then you'll open up a few adjacent squares as well, which makes it easier to continue. Then it's basically just looking at the numbers shown, and figuring out where the mines are.


Come as close to 21 as possible without going over. Your card total wimm be compared to the dealer's to determine the winner. Use the "hit" button to draw a card and the "stand" button to keep your card as-is. The Jack, Queen and King count as 10. The Ace card can be 11 or 1.

15 Puzzle
A challenging remake of 15 Puzzle designed to test your skill and intelligence. You must move the tiles strategically in order to beat or even draw with the computer!